Our Services

Industry Engineering

We are providing following solutions to ports, Odisha
  • Electronics & mechanical conveyor belt protection system.
  • Text based local wireless message communication system to monitor conveyor belt status.
  • Correct weighing of grab machine while unloading ships.
  • Automated water spray system for conveyor belt cargo.
  • Correctly weighing re-claimer content while reclaiming cargo for stock pile in different inclination positions.
  • Fire protection system at coal stock pile.
  • Accurate measurement of irregular stock pile content by weight.
  • Real time silo content calculation.
  • Conveyor belt cut detection system.
  • Object detection on return conveyor belt.

Banking Solution

We are providing banking security solutions :
  • Souharda co-operative society using our secure control system to download reports.


We are providing the followings :
  • Remote controlled fan regulator.
  • Water level controller.
  • Decorative light chaser.
  • Home automation system.
  • Automatic main gate open/close on arrival.

Embedded System

Doing research in various domains like :
  • Medical equipment.
  • Fire protection, detection and extinguishing system.
  • Security system.

Mobile Apps

We are providing mobile app on android, ios, Windows 8 etc.
The apps are:
  • Medicine reminder system in window 8 and android.
  • M-Print an application to print documents from mobile devices.


We are providing software products and solutions in different platforms.
Like -:
  • Windows
  • Apple
  • Linux
Our software products are :
  • Silent Watch - Web usage monitoring system.
  • SecureEXAM - A complete examination management system.
  • FittnessGuru - A gym management software.
  • GreenBill - As paperless billing Solution.
  • Shipping - A complete shipping management system.

High quality web design solutions

We are designing and developing high quality web sites and responsive web sites and e-commerce sites by using the latest technology.

We have designed and hosted following websites :