Fan Regulator & Remote Control

Fan regulator and remote control gives the utmost comfort for controlling lights and fans of your home, office etc. by sitting at one place.


  • Complete silent operation with relay less design.

  • 9 step fan speed with dedicated on/off switch for fan.

  • Memory to keep switch status and fan speed during power failure and restores the states as power comes.

  • Manual switch to keep system turn off when in need.

  • Switch less home with fully remote operation up to 40ft range.

  • Beautiful graphic poly carbonate interface.

  • Complete replacement warranty for 1 year.

  • Completely researched, designed, developed and tested in India (Make In India).

  • After warranty support.

  • Can be customized for specific need.

Home Automation

Light And Fan Remote Control

Electronics & Embedded Systems

We have developed many embedded system solution for our clients to solve their issues. Some products are like Item Counting System, Local RF Network for Text Messaging, Sending weighing machine reading directly to web server, Student dispersal system etc.

Sending Weighing Machine Reading Directly To Web Server

Local RF Network For Text Messaging

Industry Automation

Conveyor Belt Protection System Design

This product to protect conveyor belt from tearing due to cargo objects in return belt. Sometimes the cargo carried by the conveyor belt may be hard like lime stone. if a stone jumps into the return belt, it will reach the drive roller and get pressed against the conveyor belt. As the stone is hard, it will not be crushed to powder rather keep rotating along the roller and damaging the belt. Our product keeps a close eye on it and as it detects any object on the return belt, it will remove it along with produce siren to alert. Here for the demo purpose we have used the infrared lights but in actual we will use ultrasonic sensors of IP67 quality for the though environment.

Production Tracking Weighing Machine-Bluetooth-Mobile-JAVA Server

The main features of this product are as follows:

  • Weighing Machine's Bluetooth communication with Android Tab
  • Tab connected to a JAVA server for record keeping through wifi
  • High accuracy of weighing achieved through algorithm
  • Paperless solution for daily record keeping
  • Reduced manual work to 90%
  • Report generation on demand on production statistics


Now days, examination question paper leak has become a common news. We have developed this patented (PATENT No - 798/KOL/2012, Dated - 18/07/2012) product to prevent question paper leak. This is the first patent filed by Swain Infotech and also the first patent from Odisha as a software product development organization. Karnataka PUC board is going to be our first client in implementing this solution. For details please refer The Times of India Bangalore for the date 15/07/2012 link below:
Hopefully, Board of Secondary Education, Odisha will be our second client in implementing this product.


As mobile technology is the future, within few years from now, it will be the world of mobile devices. Unfortunately it is not possible now to have printer driver installed on mobile devices. So printing documents from mobile is not possible. Our M-Print, a mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows8, Blackberry can make it possible to print document from mobile devices to printers of any make. Even printer manufacturers have not provided this solution yet for their printers.

This is our first product completed in year 2006 to help the parents in USA to know what their children are doing with the internet. Silent Watch is a browser independent product designed to silently keep watch on internet usage by monitoring the URLs visited by the user and send those URLs to the intended recipients email ids bypassing any firewall.
Later Silent Watch has been enhanced to cater corporate sector where it can be used to know how the internet facility is being used by the employees. In most organizations restrict internet usage by blocking specific sites. Due to this there is a possibility that some useful sites may get blocked. Through Silent Watch all the sites can be allowed to access keeping a close eye on its usage. This will track how employees are using internet. How much they are using for their personal purpose, improvement if knowledge and for development of organization. Silent Watch can categorize URLs such as "Email", "Educational", "Restricted" etc. Silent Watch can generate Excel report which can be used for performance appraisal of the employee.


There are some GYM management software available in market, but all those are cloud based where cost of getting the service is more and also the data will not be with the GYM rather it will be with the service provider. So the GYM owners are bound to stick to them even if in later stages the quality of service deteriorates. We have developed this product as a standalone application and the data will remain with the GYM owner. This means the client will have complete ownership of the product after purchasing it.

We have developped this product in contributing towards Green Revolution to protect EARTH. Through this product we are planning to provide paperless billing solutions to the outlets in shopping mals and others those who wants to go paperless billing. This will also save the bill printting cost in helping reduction of operational cost of the outlet.


We have different products to cater to shipping industry using our technical innovation in various technologies. We have terminal container management system, a suite of products like Berth Planning, Ship Planning, Export Import storage, Import delivery, Service orders, etc. The system is fully compliance to JEE standards and tested thoroughly for high performance and robustness.