About Us

We are the solution provider of every domain.

Swain Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has been into existence since year 2001, started by a group of visionary innovators, with strong fundamental knowledge base across technology spectrum. Since then we are innovating in many technologies and always keen to take challenges by learning & developing products to make life easy & comfortable. Our ultimate aim is serving society for the betterment, contributing towards green revolution in protecting our Earth for future generations in cost effective & environment friendly approaches in all aspects.

Our Mission

Making life easier by serving humanity through our high quality products based on our innovation through technology.

Our Values

  • Innovation


    Our innovational capability developed through continuous learning, pure thinking, defined targets, strong knowledge base, fundamentally solid concepts, clean motivation, extensive research in technology. We are capable of thinking about innovation in every aspects of technology and are living through it.

  • Assured Delivery

    Assured Delivery

    Many thing happens around the world, but things that happen in time is remembered always & that gets a place in the history of success. There is no value to quality hard work if it doesn't happen in time and we are committed to count every nano second.

  • Ensure Quality

    Ensure Quality

    Making a brand value never happens overnight. We are committed to make our brand value to be the best in everything we do by ensuring top most quality through our technical maturity, fundamentally cultured innovational capability.

  • Passion To Learn

    Passion To Learn

    We got our innovational capability in many technology through learning and understanding happenings around us. It is learning that empowered us to do quality innovation in time, every time for betterment of society & humanity by providing pure clean green environment friendly technology.